Summer 2024 Activities

There is something for everyone!

Our Summer 2024 Holiday Activities have something for everyone

We will be offering a dive, butterfly, and breaststroke clinic, as well as water games and our 2024 Fun Swim Program. To see more information about these programs, times or to book keep reading below.

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Program Calendar

Fun Swim ($80 per Block)

  • Week 2 - Jan 8th to 12th -  9 - 10:00AM (5 sessions)
  • Week 4 - Jan 22nd to 25th - 9 - 10:15AM (4 extended sessions)

Dive into excellence ($10.00 per lesson)
Duration: 45 mins

  • Thursday 11th January - 2:30PM
  • Thursday 18th January - 2:30PM
  • Thursday 25th January - 2:30PM

Water Games Extravaganza ($10.00 per lesson)
Duration: 60 mins

  • Tuesday 16th January - 2:30PM
  • Tuesday 23rd January - 2:30PM

Breaststroke Intensive ($10.00 per lesson)
Duration: 45 mins

  • Wednesday 17th January - 2:00PM

Dive Into Excellence

Our Dive Clinic for Young Swimmers

Our Dive Clinic is designed to teach the fundamentals of swim race diving, equipping your child with the skills and confidence they need to make a splash at upcoming school swimming events in February 2024.

An experienced instructor will guide your young swimmers through the art of diving, focusing on form, technique, and safety. By mastering the basics of swim race diving, they'll gain a head start in their school swimming journey, setting them up for success in the pool.

Fun Swim

FUN SWIM is an exciting new initiative designed to help get young swimmers aged 7-12 years ‘race-ready’ and introduce them to the club environment. It not only provides ongoing training and competition opportunities but also vitally important support, friendship and fun.

FUN SWIM provides Learn to Swim (LTS) swimmers with a fun and engaging program to explore racing and develop and improve ‘race ready’ skills. It introduces swimmers to racing and squad-style swimming in a fun, once-a-week, or one-off program.

Water Games


Looking for the perfect way to keep your child entertained, active, and socialised during the holiday season? Why not try our Water Games Extravaganza! Led by two qualified and enthusiastic swim instructors, this program promises a fantastic time for your kids in the water.

Our water games are designed to blend fitness with fun. Your child will have a blast competing, cooperating, and making new friends in a safe and supervised aquatic environment. Don't miss out on this summer of aquatic adventures!

Mastering the Breaststroke

Breaststroke is considered one of the more challenging swimming strokes to conquer; well, it is about to become your child's specialty. Our Breaststroke Intensive Workshop for young swimmers will focus exclusively on refining their breaststroke technique.

An experienced instructor will provide personalised guidance, offering essential tips and tricks to enhance their breaststroke skills. At the end of this intensive workshop, your child will emerge as a more confident and capable breaststroke swimmer. Young swimmers must be able to swim 25m Freestyle and 25m Backstroke to join this workshop.

Aqua Exercises

For Kids

Looking for a fun and refreshing way to keep your kids active during the long summer holidays? Dive into our Aqua Exercise program, where fitness meets cool water adventures for children from 7 years up. Your kids will enjoy a fantastic workout in a supervised and enjoyable water environment. A perfect way to beat the summer heat and ensure your children stay active and healthy during their break. Our instructor will guide them through fun and engaging exercises to keep them entertained while boosting their fitness and coordination.

Fly Like a Champion

Butterfly Intensive Workshop

Unlock the power and grace of the butterfly stroke with our Butterfly Intensive Workshop, where your young swimmer can unleash their inner Michael Phelps.

Butterfly is known for its elegance and athleticism. Our intensive workshop is tailored to those who aspire to become proficient butterfly swimmers. From body positioning to rhythmic movements, they'll discover the secrets to conquering this formidable stroke.

By the end of this intensive workshop, your young swimmer will soar through the water with confidence and finesse.

Young swimmers must be able to swim 25m Freestyle and 25m Backstroke to join this workshop.