Baby Swimming

Our Baby Water Awareness classes provide you with a joyous and relaxed introduction to swimming for your little one. Not only will your child enjoy the water, but they will also learn essential survival routines and methods to swim independently. These early years of swimming instruction will cultivate water safety and accelerate their learning milestones.

Catering to infants aged 3 months to 3 years, our Baby Program offers expert guidance from our experienced instructors. Learn to Swim Victoria's classes feature a variety of carefully crafted routines to encourage and build confidence in your baby.

We teach breath control, survival skills, reflex actions, and floating drills take centre stage, equipping your little ones with crucial life-saving abilities.

Our classes create a fun and stimulating atmosphere, providing ample opportunities for your babies to explore and relish their surroundings.

Class Information

Classes are subject to availability, and are scheduled during our morning sessions, Monday through Sunday. Please complete an enrolment pack or contact us to discuss available class times

Each class runs for 30 minutes, with a maximum of 7 babies per class. Please note: A parent or caregiver is required to accompany and participate in the water with their baby.

Skills & Benefits

  • Safe entry and exit from the pool

  • Routines for survival (i.e. floating on front and back)

  • Propulsion through the water with the ability to recover for air

  • Confidence in submerging and moving under water

  • Breath Control

  • Improved behavioural patterns like sleeping and eating

  • Increased physical strength and coordination

  • Awareness of social skills and behaviour

  • Self-confidence and independence

  • Increased bond with parent/carer

  • Enhanced concentration and alertness

A happy baby enjoying a swimming class

What to Bring

  • Waterproof toy for your baby to play with

  • A swimming nappy

  • Comfortable swimsuit

  • Bathers for the parent/carer to get into the water

  • Warm clothing for the baby to change into after the lesson

  • An extra feed

  • A happy relaxed attitude