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Learn to Swim Victoria offers further development of your child’s newly acquired swimming skills through our stroke development classes, Autonomy and Flippers. These levels aim to develop competition skills, fitness concepts, stroke technique and provide a more structured program.

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This is one of the more challenging swimming levels offered at Learn to Swim Victoria. This class runs for 50 minutes and is aimed to provide proper stroke correction, techniques and other appropriate skills for the opportunity to excel in competitive swimming. To reach this level, swimmers must be able to swim 200m Freestyle and be able to competently perform Backstroke and Breaststroke.

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This squad is an aquatic fitness program designed for swimmers aged 8 to 15 years, providing a transition from our learn-to-swim program. The overall aim is to improve fitness, aid well-being and develop stroke technique in a social environment, with an emphasis on participation and fun without the demands of competitive swimming. It can assist those students involved in alternate sports, like football or other aquatic sports, to enhance their strength and endurance.

Swimmers will need to have completed our highest learn-to-swim level: Autonomy, to qualify for this squad.

Swimmers have the option of attending one or two sessions per week and bookings are essential. Times may be subject to change.

Competitive Swimming Pathway

We have partnered with a local swimming club. This club’s primary objectives are to support swimmers to achieve their personal best, promote a healthy lifestyle and good sportsmanship by providing an environment that is competitive, fun and safe for all levels of swimmers.

For squad swimmers who are interested in pursuing competitive swimming, there is a set criterion that must be met in order to receive a recommendation. This will ensure swimmers have achieved a baseline fitness and learnt technical stroke knowledge and pool etiquette before applying these skills to the competitive training environment.

If you are currently swimming in our Flippers squads and you are interested in swimming competitively, please respond to this email and we can discuss next steps.