Frequently Asked

To ensure your child gets the most from their lessons, we encourage everyone to attend their scheduled class. Our teachers want to see all their pupils at each class. We do not offer makeups.

Refunds may only be given in special circumstances due to prolonged illness and if supported by a doctor’s certificate. Refunds will only be processed from the date a medical certificate is received and cannot be backdated. A $65 administration fee applies to all cancellations.

Refunds are only available up to week 6 from the beginning of each term with medical certificate.

Unfortunately, we cannot transfer or suspend paid lessons to other terms.

Changes in class times or days are rare but may occur from time to time. This may arise if your child has progressed to the next level, or it can also be due to class schedule changes that occur for the following term.

As part of the learning process, children need to have time to form new pathways in the brain to interpret, comprehend and perform new skills. And adults need even more time to adapt to new skills because of pathways they have already embedded.

Consider what it must be like for a child, particularly young children who are still trying to work out how their bodies work and are still developing their motor skills. Sometimes it may seem as though they are not progressing and even that skills are deteriorating but this is normal while they are experimenting and learning new concepts. Depending on the child, progression may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, but it is important to be patient and supportive during this process so that the child does not lose interest or confidence while developing at their own pace.

We try to ensure continuity of teachers, but sometimes personal circumstances means this isn't possible. If your child has moved to a new level or you have decided to change days or times, your previous teacher may not be available. Alternatively, due to illness, study, or other circumstances our instructors cannot always remain at the same time or days and changes may occur unexpectedly. Every effort is made to ensure a smooth transition to a new teacher, with instructors and coordinators specifically trained to assist children with how to cope with the change.

At Learn to Swim Victoria, assessment occurs every week and is continuous. This is so we can track your child’s progress and make sure they meet the skills-based criteria in each level. Our experienced Pool-Deck Supervisors monitor each lesson and regularly share feedback with teachers and coaching staff. If you are concerned about your child’s progression or would like some feedback, you can approach our Pool-Deck Supervisors at any time.

Due to limited space and teaching staff we are unable to provide private 1 on 1 lessons.

LTSV ID Card (will be supplied from reception at first lesson) Appropriate swim wear, Swimming cap (compulsory), Goggles (Required), Towel, swim diaper (Required if not toilet trained) A positive and friendly attitude. For the younger children and babies, we suggest a rash top for the colder months.

Once you enrol, you will be re-enrolled for the following term until you cancel out. Your enrolment will carry over to the following term. However, your place will be unsecured if payment is not made by the due date.

There can be a few reasons as to why you are not receiving our emails. The main reason generally is that your email provider is seeing our email as spam/junk and will automatically tag it as such. To combat this, make sure to add to your safe sender list.

Other reasons can be an incorrect or outdated email address - this can be amended by emailing us from the email that you want on the account.

Each account can only have one ID and Email assigned to it. If you lose your ID card we can replace it. To ensure multiple family members have the ID card, you can add it to your loyalty cards app on your phone. However, only one email can be registered to the account, we suggest using a shared email address that you both have access to, mr&

Our pool is 25m long with 6 standard lanes. Our shallow end is 0.8m in depth and our deep end is 1.8m.

We use UV, Co2, Mineral disinfection to maintain the sanitization of the pool. We keep our pool heated to a comfortable 32 degrees all year around.