Private Swim Lessons

Unlock Your Child's Potential with Exclusive Private Swim Lessons

(during the January 2024 Holiday Program only)

Embark your kids on a personalised journey with our private swim lessons. Our expert instructors are dedicated to refining your skills and boosting your water confidence. We tailor each session to accelerate your child's swimming prowess, one stroke at a time.

Children must be 4 years of age at time of booking!

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1 child 15 minutes class $38 per child per class
Family of 2 children 20 minute classes $28 per child per class

Private Lessons are Available Within These Time Slots

Wed, 3 Apr 2024
Mon, 8 Apr 2024
Wed, 10 April 2024


Our teachers have undergone extensive training and are experienced at teaching to each child’s ability. The class size is expected to average only 2-3 depending on your family making it possible to teach different levels at the same time. The lesson will be modified to your children’s ability with individual feedback and activities appropriate to each level.

It is expected that children will achieve as much, if not more than their usual lesson. The one-on-one of intensive, high quality instruction without distractions from other children optimizes learning.

Terms and Conditions:

(LTSV Standard Terms & Conditions Apply)
Supplementary Terms and Conditions for Private Lessons:
  1. Payment - Lessons must be pre-paid for an allocated class. Payment secures your place and the commitment of an instructor. Once payment is made, your payment is non refundable.
  2. Missed Classes - no refunds or credits will apply for any reason (includes but not limited to illness, personal commitments, or scheduling conflicts).
  3. There are “No Exceptions” as instructors are compensated based upon your booking and payment which reserves an allotted timeslot, that cannot be filled at short notice