“Did you know that Michael Phelps was scared to put his face in the water at the age of 7? Isn’t it hard to be believe seeing that he is now one of the greatest swimmer’s to ever live? That’s what we at Learn to Swim Victoria aim to do – turn your unconfident beginner into a world champion. Learn to Swim Victoria is like the Oxford University of swimming, providing expert classes to all of our clients to remove any fear of water. We are known for creating world champions. Are friendly staff are on hand to get you that beautiful stroke you and your child have always wished for.”


Our Learn to Swim program is the product of extensive experience and dedication in the field of aquatic education. Our friendly staff have a wide range of experience in the swimming industry and this, combined with continuous training and professional development means that all of our classes are conducted at the highest level. We believe that water safety and good swimming technique are part of the same journey.

Through learning correct technique, swimmers develop love and respect for water, paramount to lifelong safety and fun in all aquatic environments. Generally, most of our lessons run for half an hour with the exception of our higher levels, TSG and Nippers, swimming from 45 minutes to an hour.

I have had all my three kids at Learn to Swim swim school since they were 3, none have been particularly strong swimmers but they developed water confidence within a short period which i think is fantastic. My 9 year old is now learning her strokes and maintains a strong sense of water confidence, my 6 year old is showing signs she will be just as good. My 3 year old has surprised me at how quickly his water confidence has grown being a child with special needs. I can’t stress how important it is for kids to learn to swim and i give all the credit to ‘Learn to Swim’ swim school and their amazing instructors showing such a nurturing nature and so much patience and passion in teaching my kids to swim.