Learning to swim at any age is an extremely important skill, at some stage we all find ourselves wanting to enter the water, whether it’s for recreation or out of necessity. Learning to swim not only increases your enjoyment of aquatic environments, such as the beach, but it can also be a life-saving skill. As Australian’s we are constantly surrounded by water and many Adults are enrolling their little ones into swimming lessons without realising that they should also be confident and competent in the water – unfortunately it’s not just little kids that drown. Now days, kids should be able to swim 25 metres confidently by the time they turn seven and so should Adults.

Adults should also realise that learning how to swim as a young child, does not constitute them knowing how to swim as an Adult. Learning to swim as a child, you are a lot lighter, thinner and fitter and like any sport you need constant practice to maintain the skill. Adults (and children) need to think of swimming as a life skill, which you have to keep learning and refreshing all the way along.

We at Learn to Swim Victoria are constantly amazed at the amount of Adults who enquire with us about wanting to Learn how to swim. With the unfortunate series of drownings over the Summer, the levels of enquiries we have for our Adult Swimming lessons have sky rocketed.

We currently operate many Adult Learn to Swim classes during weeknights and tend to fill these up quicker than our kiddies Learn to Swim programs. Our Adults that are currently with us range from complete beginners who are quite scared of submerging underwater to Adults that haven’t swam in years and just want someone to help them refine their stroke. With this comes a wide range of many different nationalities, as Australia is now an ever growing Multi-Cultural society – many of these people did not have the resources growing up to even get into the water and be taught how to swim and is totally alien to their culture.