“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars.”

At Learn to Swim Victoria we aim to give the highest level of instruction to all our swimmers based on sound technique, so no matter where they want to go in the future, they are prepared for anything.

Developed by our Head Coach, who has had over 25 year’s experience in the aquatics industry, our programs are facilitated by fully qualified expert staff. All of our lessons take place in a comfortable, safe swim centre environment to maximise learning potential, so that we can bring the best out in your little champion.


Joanne Love

Joanne Love


The Learn to Swim Victoria swim centre was founded by Joanne Love in 1993, beginning as a small private swim school in East Ivanhoe. Over 20 years later, it has become the successful swim school we know today, boasting two great facilities at Heidelberg Primary School and Ivanhoe Grammar School.

Joanne started her illustrious aquatics career at the tender age of three when she started her own swimming lessons. From there she went on to swim competitively from the ripe old age of 7. By the age of 12 she was competing at a state level in South Australia and by the age of 13 she was ranked the number one Backstroker in the world.

In her teens, she started swimming teaching with renowned coach Ken Wood. At 17 she narrowly missed out on the Olympic Games and this pushed her to jump into swimming teaching and coaching. At the age of 20 she started her own swim school in Queensland and slowly moved into coaching, which quickly became her passion.


Heidelberg Primary School

We are now a Magna Pool
Learn to Swim Victoria prides itself on maintaining the highest water quality in Victoria.
Our pool facility has three disinfection systems;
– Magna, 
– Ozone,
– UV
These systems help make the water quality cleaner than any normal tap water. Our cutting edge UV system breakdowns and kills any known bacteria. Additionally, we get reports minute by minute to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for all swimmers, allowing the best swim experience possible. Magna helps those who suffer the side effects of traditional chlorine systems, such as allergies. Magna eliminates the build-up of unhealthy chloramines, which are commonly associated with irritated eyes, skin and lung irritation.  The benefits of a Magna pool are enormous, not only is Magna better for the skin and hair, but it also will help to alleviate aches and pains, support detoxification in the body, reduce stress, promote energy/wellbeing and soothe skin.
If you have been advised from the doctor that an illness has resulted from our pool, they have sadly misinformed as you can see we take great pride in our water quality. The Victorian Health Department has acknowledged that it is impossible to catch anything from our water at Learn to Swim Victoria pools due to our water management systems.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The water temperature is 33°C and the facility maintains a comfortable air temperature year round. Pool depth range is 0.6m to 1.8m which allows smaller children to experiment with skills whilst still being able to stand up. Full change room facilities with a separate disabled change room are another benefit.

We operate a ‘private’ swim centre, free of the distractions associated with larger swim centers. Children can feel comfortable and safe in our positive teaching environment. 

Ivanhoe Grammar School

The pool located at Ivanhoe Grammar is a 6 lane, 25 meter indoor pool. This pool is currently closed for renovation – due to reopen 2022. When operating we share this pool with our partner in swimming excellence, the Ivanhoe Neons Swimming Club.